Every deal crosses in the middle.
Mark Harris +1 805-692-0025


MARK HARRIS has worked in the U.S. and
internationally for 40 years, developing
businesses and coordinating international
commodities logistics, and communications
for private sector, the U.N, and government.
He founded Water Conservation Services,Inc.,
which designed and manufactured UL Listed
equipment for California State and US Parks. He also founded Secure Coin, Inc and co-founded, MachineTalker, Inc, a public company, for which he co-holds a U.S. patent for wireless networking. In California and the Mid-west, he has developed, managed, and sold self-storage projects, housing, shopping centers, and office buildings. He was Director of the GTE franchise for Kenya, Eastern Telecommunications and did extensive development work with UNICEF across East Africa. A licensed pilot, Mark is married, has two sons, and speaks three languages, including Swahili.